Is The Glock 26 Still Relevant?

Does Glock 26 take Glock 17 mags?

The standard capacity of a GLOCK 17 is 17 rounds in the magazine, for a G19, a mag holds 15 rounds, and a 26 mag holds 10 rounds.

What is great about GLOCK handguns is that a 19 can accept both GLOCK 19 mags as well as GLOCK 17 mags.

A 26 can take mags for the 19 and the 17..

Can you pocket carry a Glock 26?

Glock Pockets are handguns ideally suited for carrying concealed, literally in your pocket. … Going back some years now you have the Glock 26 (9mm) and Glock 27 (. 40S&W) which were identical in size externally. The G26 standard magazines hold ten rounds and the G27 standard magazines hold nine.

What gun is better than a Glock 19?

The M&P Shield 2.0 Compact is the latest offering by Smith & Wesson in the high-capacity nine-millimeter market. Like the Glock, the 2.0 Compact is a polymer framed, striker fired pistol with a metal slide.

What compares to a Glock 19?

Compare It To The Glock 19 Already In reality, what we’re talking about is the Sig Sauer P320 Compact or Sig Sauer P320 Carry, as these are closest in size and purpose to the Glock 19.

What pistol do Navy SEALs carry?

The Navy’s special operators are preparing to part with the Sig Sauer P228 and adopt the Glock 19 as their sidearm. While SEALs have long carried the P226, the more compact P228 has been a staple among Naval Special Warfare Combatant Craft crew.

What Glock do cops carry?

GLOCK 22By far the most popular police service pistol in the United States, the GLOCK 22 fires the potent 40 S&W cartridge and holds more rounds for its size and weight than most other full-sized handgun in its class.

Why Glock 19 is best?

The simple answer is because of versatility. The Glock 19 is legendary and can fill multiple roles and does each of them extremely well. The 19 is a midsize handgun that can be used as a duty weapon or a concealed carry. It is the go-to pistol for just about everything.

Is the Glock 26 obsolete?

The Glock 26 is far from obsolete. 5 years of owning and shooting without a failure of any kind.

Is Glock 19 or 26 better?

The Glock 19 handles better. If you can’t commit to carrying the more tactical pistol (every single day), get the Glock 26. The truth is that they’re both great pistols. The Glock 19 is the greater of the two though.

Is a Glock 26 a good gun?

Now dont get me wrong, I love my bigger Glocks but for a carry gun the Glock 26 is unmatched. The G26 is a GREAT gun. It’s versatile, durable and reliable. It also shoots very well and is accurate.

Which is better Glock 43 or 26?

Not much difference, but 0.2 inches can make a difference between not printing and starting to print at the top of the slide. The 43 is actually taller at 4.25 inches, compared to the 4.17-inch tall Glock 26. The 26 is a bit wider and heavier, at 1.18 inches wide and weighing 21.7 ounces unloaded.

Is Glock 26 the best concealed carry?

The Glock 26 is a true sub-compact pistol, designed to be concealed comfortably and safely. It fits well either inside the waistband or outside the waistband and is light enough to be almost forgotten when carried.