Question: How Do You Say Someone Else?

What’s another word for someone else?

What is another word for someone else?replacementsubstitutecoverdoublelocumproxysubsurrogatealternatealternative36 more rows.

What is a synonym for work?

Some common synonyms of job are assignment, chore, duty, stint, and task.

How do you use somebody and someone?

‘Someone’ is used if we don’t know the person and there are many people to decide from. The use of ‘somebody’ is when we refer to a person but in a narrow amount of selection. ‘Someone’ sounds exclusive and formal whereas ‘somebody’ sounds a bit informal. For example, ‘Someone made my day extraordinary!

How do you say someone is wrong?

Saying somebody is wrongI’m afarid that’s not quite right.Actually, I think you’ll find that…I’m afraid you’re mistaken.I don’t think you’re right about…Actually, I don’t think…No, you’ve got it wrong.No, that’s all wrong.Rubbish! / You’re talking rubbish.More items…

Why do we pretend to be someone else?

There are many reasons why people may pretend to like someone who they don’t really like. As you guessed, most of the time it’s to get something very specific that they want. Access to the person’s social circle, that person’s money (via getting their approval), things like like that.

What is a synonym for friend?


How can you tell if someone is pretending to be someone else?

Here are 10 signs of fake people.1) Fake people make plans they don’t keep. … 2) Fake people are only around when it’s convenient for them. … 3) Fake people disappear when you need them most. … 4) Fake people don’t listen when you talk. … 5) Fake people pretend not to be upset about things.More items…

What does it mean to be someone else?

“someone else” means “as somebody different from ourselves; resembling someone or something else.” “someone” is a pronoun that means “an unknown or unspecified person”

How do you say someone is correct?

Saying somebody is correctYes, that’s right.You’re quite right.Yes, that’s correct.That’s spot on.You’re dead right (there).Absolutely.You’ve hit the nail on the head.You could say so.More items…

Is someone’s possessive?

The possessive adjective for someone.

What are different ways to say true?

other words for trueaccurate.appropriate.genuine.honest.legitimate.normal.perfect.truthful.

How do you say something is wrong?

other words for something wrongbreakdown.defect.error.failure.flaw.problem.trouble.fault.

Is it illegal to pretend someone else?

While pretending to be someone you are not is not inherently a crime, the criminal offense of fraud or coercion is possible and likely depending on the actions committed.

What is the formal word of job?

What is another word for job?positionpostcapacityfunctionoccupationprofessioncraftemploymentplacementvocation142 more rows

What are words that rhyme with work?

WordRhyme ratingCategorieslurk100Verbshirk100Verbberserk100Noun, Adjectiveperk100Noun, Verb96 more rows

Is it someone else or somebody else?

In most contexts, they are interchangeable. The only difference that most native speakers can agree upon is that someone is more formal than somebody (just as anyone is more formal than anybody, and everyone is more formal than everybody).

Is anyone else’s?

Anyone who knows me would know what I mean. In any event else’s is perfectly fine.’s entry for else says, “other or in addition (used in the possessive following an indefinite pronoun): someone else’s money.” There is nothing wrong with “someone else’s”.

What is a another word for hard work?

Hard-working, diligent or regular (in attendance or work) assiduous. diligent. industrious. laborious.