Question: What Are Synonyms For Reach?

What is another word for reach?

What is another word for reach?extendoutreachoutstretchstretchstrainlungespreadhold outstretch outstick out1 more row.

What is the meaning of all embracing?

adjective. Something that is all-embracing includes or affects everyone or everything.

What type of verb is reach?

[intransitive, transitive] to be able to stretch your hand far enough in order to touch something, pick something up, etc.

What is a synonym for impactful?

Yes, impactful is a word, but it’s likely to annoy at least some of your readers. If you want to substitute another word for impactful, use a synonym such as influential, powerful, or effective.

What does it mean by far reaching?

: having a wide range or effect.

What is another word for stand out?

In this page you can discover 18 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for standout, like: remarkable, extraordinary, outstanding, exceptional, out of sight, unusual, rare, towering, uncommon, stand out and top-drawer.

What is the meaning reach?

Verb. reach, gain, and achieve mean to arrive at a point or end by work or effort. reach is used for arriving at something or some place by any amount of effort.

What does stand out mean?

To stand out is to attract attention, either for the way you look or behave, or because you perform better at something than other people do. If you wear your mime costume to school, you’ll definitely stand out.

What does stick it on me mean?

Stick it on him/her Definition: To make a move on someone, or to flirt excessively. As in: “Do not even think about sticking it on me tonight.”

What’s another word for far reaching?

In this page you can discover 41 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for far-reaching, like: crucial, pervasive, sweeping, important, broad, deep, extensive, universal, wide, far-flung and huge.

What is another word for go through?

In this page you can discover 33 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for go through, like: consume, audit, withstand, endure, pass, experience, search, suffer, follow-out, go across and survive.

What’s the opposite of reach?

What is the opposite of reach?forfeitquitsurrenderabandonyielddroprenounceleavelosegive up17 more rows

What does stick out mean?

intransitive verb. 1a : to jut out : project. b : to be prominent or conspicuous. 2 : to be persistent (as in a demand or an opinion)

How do you use the word reach?

[S] [T] Can you reach it? ( CK)[S] [T] I can’t reach it. ( CK)[S] [T] I can’t reach Tom. ( CK)[S] [T] I reached my goal. ( Amastan)[S] [T] Can you reach those? ( CK)[S] [T] He reached his goal. ( CK)[S] [T] How can I reach you? ( CK)[S] [T] I’ll try to reach Tom. ( CK)More items…

What can’t stand for?

Thoroughly dislike; be unable to put up with something or someone. For example, I can’t stand the sight of her; she’s obnoxious, or I can’t bear to leave the country, or I can’t stomach a filthy kitchen.