Question: What Is A Antonym For System?

What is the opposite of theory?

Antonyms for theory disbelief, fact, proof, information, truth, knowledge, reality, certainty, measurement, calculation..

What is the opposite of system?

What is the opposite of system?idlenessinactioninactivitydormancyinertiainertnessnonactiondisorganisationUKdisorganizationUSquiescence

What is the synonym of system?

Some common synonyms of system are fashion, manner, method, mode, and way. While all these words mean “the means taken or procedure followed in achieving an end,” system suggests a fully developed or carefully formulated method often emphasizing rational orderliness.

What is the antonym for regular?

unsteady, untrustworthy, nonstandard, unsuitable, unofficial, imbalanced, untraditional, kooky, unnatural, oddball, unexpected, uneven, weak, changing, extraordinary, incorrect, unstable, noteworthy, dubious, unseemly, asymmetric, unlawful, doubtful, unwonted, Immethodical, hit-or-miss, outrageous, uncommon, …

What is the meaning of system?

A system is a group of interacting or interrelated entities that form a unified whole. A system, surrounded and influenced by its environment, is described by its boundaries, structure and purpose and expressed in its functioning. Systems are the subjects of study of systems theory.