Quick Answer: Can You Drill Holes In A DPF Filter?

Will my car smoke if I remove the DPF?

Firstly, if you don’t have the software to enable the car to function without the DPF it won’t run at all.

That said if you have the software to do so, yes your car will smoke, possibly a lot of smoke.

But you will also likely get a modest bump in fuel economy and power (or throttle response)..

Can you force a DPF regeneration?

In order to carry out a forced DPF regeneration, the correct diagnostic or reset tool must be used. This operation could take up to 30 minutes. Ensure the regeneration process is conducted in a safe environment as exhaust temperatures will be very high. Filters require more maintenance than catalytic converters.

How do I stop my DPF from clogging?

Our top five tips on keeping your DPF cleanDrive Faster. Contrary to popular belief, driving faster could actually save you money in the long run. … Use the right Oil. … Get your EGR valve checked. … Keep out of town. … Buy the right car! … Get clued up!

Does removing DPF increase power?

Benefits of DPF Delete Kits There are quite a few benefits to installing a DPF delete kit. The first is that the performance of the engine will improve. Less backpressure means more power, as the air will flow better through the engine. Another benefit is the improved fuel economy.

Can you hollow out a DPF filter?

It can be done (and has on the 07.5, 08 and early 09 models). These newer trucks have a different ECM, which is still being dug into. But technically, someone could hollow out a DPF, put a Smarty or H&S programmer on it, and be code-free.

Has anyone been fined for DPF Delete?

We had a yarn with the NSW Environmental Protection Agency, and they confirmed it is absolutely illegal (because you’re screwing with the pollution gear on a vehicle), and the accompanying on-the-spot fine for driving a vehicle with a DPF delete is $300. … On the spot fines of $300 apply to individuals.

Can I clean a DPF myself?

Don’t DPFs clean themselves? In theory, yes. “Passive Regeneration” or if appropriate Active DPF regeneration will take place as part of a healthy diesel engine running cycle, but active regeneration can fail once a blockage reaches a certain level. Sometimes a “forced” regeneration may be carried out by a mechanic.

Can you remove DPF without remap?

A decent remapping company will be able to map out the EGR and the DPF for you without a permance map. But there will probable no extra cost in getting the performance map done at the same time.

How much does DPF Delete cost?

The cost for the added performance depends on how much power and performance you want. Prices range from around $550 for a base tuner to more than $3,000 for a complete performance kit with DPF delete, cold-air intake, stainless down pipe plus other items.

How do you tell if a DPF has been removed?

A diesel particulate filter check has been part of the MOT test since February 2014. If a filter has been removed, the car will fail its MOT. Removing the DPF will sometimes cause the warning light to glow – and this itself is an MOT failure point: no dashboard warning lights should remain on during the test.

What happens if you remove a DPF?

However, DPF removal has both legal and social implications. The DPF filters need to be ‘regenerated’ regularly through burning the soot to gas at a very high temperature, leaving behind a residue. If not carried out properly, regeneration can lead to a build-up of soot, which can affect performance.