Quick Answer: How Do I File Chg 1?

How do you create a charge?

For Creation of Charge, Form CHG-1 is required to be filed with the Registrar of Companies within 30 days of its creation.

The Form is required to be signed by the Company and the Charge-holder and should be filed together with the instrument creating a charge..

How do I file Chg 4?

Documents for form CHG-4No Dues Certificate/ No Objection Certificate duly obtained from the charge holder stating satisfaction of charge.Board Resolution taking note on satisfaction of charge.

How do I get a charge creation identification number?

If you had furnished the particulars of creation of charge in prescribed Form 8 to the concerned Registrar of Companies, and the said from has been approved by ROC, u can get the Charge ID from MCA site by going to Index of Charges.

How do I upload to Chg 1?

PROCEDUREFill all the details in the form mentioned above along with the attachments.Get the form digitally signed from Directors and thereafter attach DSC of the Charge Holder as declaration, and Practicing professional for verification.File form CHG-1 to Registrar of Companies.More items…•

Is Chg 1 STP form?

Examples of forms approved under STP: Forms PAS-3, DIR-6, MSC-1, CHG-1, few MGT-14 forms, etc.

Is Dir 12 STP form?

DIR 12 is still in STP mode only.

What is charge modification?

Creation of Charge by Company Further modification of charge is when the terms of the charge are changed. As of 30.03. 2020, the MCA introduced the Companies Fresh Start Scheme (CFSS). CFSS provided relaxations to companies who were in default to file their documents or forms between 01.04. 2020 and 30.09.

Is charge required to be attested and registered?

Distinction between Mortgage and Charge A mortgage deed must be registered and attested by two witness, while a charge need not be made in writing, and if reduced to writing, it need not be attested or registered.

What is a satisfaction of charge?

What does “”Satisfaction of charge”” means? Answer: This means the debt has been paid up.

How do I file a ROC charge?

Every charge that is created or modified by the company is required to be filed in eForm CHG-1 to concerned RoC in case of Indian Company and RoC, Delhi in case of a foreign company. eForm Number as per Companies Act, 1956 Form 8 of the Companies Act, 1956.

Who creates a charge?

As per Section 77 it is duty of Company to Create charge. As per Section 78 if Company fails to file form for registration of charge then, the person in whose favour charge is created will file form for creation of charge. The person is entitled to recover from the company the amount of fees.

What happens if a charge is not registered?

The Companies Act lists the charges that require registration. If the charge is not registered within the prescribed time limit then horrible potential consequences will apply. The company will remain liable for the repayment of the debt; but in effect the security lender is exposed because the charge is unsecured.

Is MGT 14 STP form?

E-Form MGT 14 will be processed, approved and taken on record through a mechanism known as “Straight Through Processing (STP)”, so as to ensure timely disposal of e-forms. “Straight Through Processing” is utilized by MCA for the speedy processing of transactions under which its not manually verified.

What is form no Chg 1?

All the companies need to file particulars for registration of charges created or modified within the specified period to concerned Registrar of Companies. Every charge that is created by the company is required to be filed in Form CHG-1.

Who is charge holder?

In simple terms, a Charge is a right created by a company i.e. “Borrower” in favour of a financial institution or a bank or any other lender, i.e. “creditor” who has agreed to extend financial assistance to the company on its assets or properties or any of its undertakings present and future.