What Are The Causes Of Post Harvest Losses?

Which of the following is not related to Post Harvest losses.

Explanation: It is false that farmers don’t earn money after adding value to products.


– Shelf life increase.

Statement 1: Primary processing such as trimming, sorting, cleaning can be done to add value to products..

How can we reduce post harvest losses of fruits and vegetables?

In fruits like tomato pre-cooling during storage can reduce Physiological loss in of weight from 6 to 2.9 per cent. While in vegetables which deteriorate very fast good cooling can reduce storage losses [10]. Sometimes, stages of ripening and the level of field heat also determines the need of pre-cooling.

What does post harvest mean?

In agriculture, postharvest handling is the stage of crop production immediately following harvest, including cooling, cleaning, sorting and packing. … Postharvest treatment largely determines final quality, whether a crop is sold for fresh consumption, or used as an ingredient in a processed food product.

What is the importance of post harvest management?

The three main objectives of applying postharvest technology to harvested fruits and vegetables are: 1)to maintain quality (appearance, texture, flavor and nutritive value) 2) to protect food safety, and 3) to reduce losses between harvest and consumption.

What is quantitative losses?

Quantitative loss is a loss in terms of physical substance, meaning a reduction in weight and volume and can be assessed and measured.

What are the causes of harvest loss?

When food and water reserves are exhausted, produce dies and decays. Anything that increases the rate at which a product’s food and water reserves are used up increases the likelihood of losses. Increase in normal physiological changes can be caused by high temperature, low atmospheric humidity and physical injury.

What are the types and major causes of postharvest losses?

In the stage of food processing: Discarding of mechanical injured food, substandard food product, visual-based rejection of product etc. are the main causes that contribute the food loss. At the stage of packaging: Packaging failures and lack of packaging services are the two main causes.

What is qualitative losses?

1. Qualitative Losses are losses which are difficult to quantify in financial terms.

What are post harvest factors?

Post harvest factors influencing postharvest quality of fruits were maturity stage, method of harvesting, time of harvesting, precooking, sorting and grading, packaging and packaging materials, storage, type of storage, temperature and relative humidity during storage and transportation, transportation, road condition.

What is meant by post harvest losses?

Definition. The expression “post-harvest losses” means a measurable quantitative and qualitative loss in a given product. These losses can occur during any of the various phases of the post-harvest system. This definition must also take into account cases of product deterioration.

How do you prevent post harvest loss?

6 Tips To Avoid Postharvest LossesAssess maturity. … Check your water quality. … Check your water temperature. … Avoid injury. … Keep your produce cool. … Proper Storage.

What are the types of post harvest losses?

Storage Pests and disease attacks, spillage, contamination; natural drying out of food 5. Primary processing, cleaning, classification, hulling, pounding, grinding, packaging, soaking, winnowing, drying, sieving, milling Process losses; contamination in process causing loss of quality.