What Does Dior Mean?

Here are some of the most common slang words used in the English language today:Lit.

When something is very good, enjoyable, or exciting, you can say it’s “lit”.



To ghost someone.

To flex.

Lowkey & highkey.


Tea.More items…•.

What does 3 mean in texting?

<3. means "Love".

Why is Gucci so expensive?

Why Its Products So Expensive? There are many factors such as manufacturing, designs, and marketing which makes GUCCI Costlier product in the world. Gucci is a top-class designer who obtains high-quality raw materials and uses high production methods. Gucci employs the talent of the top fashion designer in the world.

Is Dior in the dictionary?

(dē-ôr′), Christian 1905-1957. French designer noted for his innovative fashions that emphasized narrow shoulders, tight waists, and long, full skirts.

Why is Dior so expensive?

Dior is considered one of the most expensive brands in the world, the brand provides you luxury goods and as a reason for its high cost.

What does Gucci mean?

Gucci is used as an adjective generally to mean “fancy, very fashionable”; “good, fine”; “great, excellent.”

What is Dior known for?

Christian Dior was a French couturier, best known for his eponymous fashion house which is often referred to as just Dior. Born in the seaside town of Granville on the coast of Normandy in 1905, he was the son of a wealthy fertiliser manufacturer and was one of five children.

What does D or mean in French?

d’or [cheveux] golden. l’âge d’or the golden age.

What is Dior drug?

Drug Name : Metformin Metformin(Fortamet) generic Dior is an oral antidiabetic agent, prescribed for type 2 diabetes. It helps control blood sugar levels. More Info about Metformin.

Is Dior a word?

No, dior is not in the scrabble dictionary.

What language is Dior?

French”Dior” in French.