What Does Much Needed Mean?

Is it much needed or much needed?

“Much-needed” and “well-known” pop up quite a lot too, but note that these are hyphenated only when (1) appearing directly before the noun described or (2) following a form of the verb “to be.”.

What does must need mean?

A set phrase used to emphasize that one absolutely has to do something. You must needs plow this field before the sun sets!

Is much improved hyphenated?

Here are some examples of hyphenated phrases: a high-quality plastic. my much-improved health. his four-year-old son.

How do you say something needed?

neededall-important,critical,essential,imperative,indispensable,integral,must-have,necessary,More items…

What is the word for needed?

Similar words for needed: essential (adjective) … necessary (adjective) perfect (adjective) required (adjective) required/requisite (adjective)

Is it correct to say much needed?

Use the phrase as an adjective, and hyphenation is preferred. Use “needed” as an appositive (subjective complement) with “much” as a modifier, and it works with or without the hyphen. “This is a much-needed change.”

What’s another word for much needed?

What is another word for much needed?vitalcriticalnecessarycrucialimperativeindispensableimportantneededrequiredrequisite38 more rows

What is the meaning of badly needed?

adverb [ADVERB with verb] If you want or need something badly, you want or need it very much. Why do you want to go so badly? Planes landed at Bagram airport today carrying badly needed food and medicine. Synonyms: much, seriously, desperately More Synonyms of badly.

How do you use much needed?

Horses is the along the country’s the tubs all got a much-needed manicure. Anne is thrilled about the new book, and feels it will bring much-needed publicity to the condition. responsive handling as well as adding much-needed ride comfort.

What does when needed mean?

When needed – means you perform an action WHEN you need to. Examples: If you continue to feel pain, take a painkiller when needed. Add more pepper to the food if needed.

Is third quarter hyphenated?

“Thanks to input from our users, we are reversing our decision to delete the hyphen from ‘first-quarter touchdown’ and ‘third-quarter earnings,’” AP Stylebook Editor Paula Froke told Poynter in an email. … So to conform, we are returning the hyphen to the ‘-quarter’ phrases.”

What should I say instead of need?

What is another word for need?demandrequirementurgencynecessityusewishcalldesirehungerimperative223 more rows